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written by Robert Knorr On 11 August 2015 Reply

Last week my Titan T-1060 food waste dispenser decided to “self-destruct” sending the impeller blade flying after 3 1/2 years of faithful service. I pulled out my installation/instruction manual and contacted Joneca’s customer service department and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the unit was still covered under warranty. After a brief discussion with Ramesh Thadani I was advised on what steps to take to have a replacement unit shipped . . . a few copies/scans and one email later I was thrilled to learn that a new unit was being shipped that very same day!!! Mr. Thadani could not have been more courteous, and his efficient guidance resulted in my brand new dispenser’s arrival yesterday. The new unit is now installed, and performing beautifully!

I love the product, and I can say that this is the most pleasant and satisfying experience with a customer service issue that I’ve had in many years.

Many thanks to a top notch company for standing behind a top notch product, and for making a problem disappear with a positive, “can-do” attitude. My hat is off to Joneca and Mr. Ramesh Thadani.

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