Your product is a good one. I have not seen any other that has better quality than yours.

Vince, Joneca Customer


Awesome customer service. Inquired about a unique part on my Garbage disposal that I purchased via Costco in store. Without hesitation they sent out a replacement spare part, no questions asked. Kudos to Costco for working with Joneca and supplying American Standard disposals

Mark V., Joneca Customer

I must say that in a time when it seems like many of the big-brand companies are either issuing ineffective warranties, or doing everything possible to extract themselves from their warranties, it is extremely refreshing to deal with a company with such integrity and dedication to customer service.

Chris, Joneca Customer

I also want to take the time to thank you for your help over the phone a couple weeks ago when I purchased the Food Disposer through Costco. We have installed it last weekend and are very pleased with it.
It works just great ! I have told one of my friends about it and she is placing an order as well.

Ana, Joneca Customer

I wanted to take a moment to recognize some of your Valuable employees for the action taken to assist me with my Bio shield UV sanitizer unit. I have had a Bio shield unit in my home since 2013 and it has made an amazing difference throughout my home. I change the bulb every 6 months or so and I had just replace the bulb and went to hook up the plug to the lamp housing and …no power. Apparently the plug had been damaged and one of the plug prongs had come apart so there was no longer a good connection. I called Joneca and was fortunate enough to get Jennifer and I must say I was treated like I was your only customer!! She was exceptional on the phone and did not hesitate to assist me with rectifying the problem. She said she would check with one of your engineers to see if there might be one sitting around that would work. Your tech checked it out it worked and Jennifer mailed it out to me that day…I received the replacement unit today, plugged it into the lamp and bingo!!
It worked like a charm!!!. I also had spoken to Lupe who was also as courteous as Jennifer. Good staff is hard to find and when you are fortunate enough to have not just one but 2 stars on your team it makes a difference. Please give them my warmest thanks!!!
Best Regards

Jason, Joneca Customer

I’ve owned a Ready Hot RH-200 for over 10 years – not a single problem.   I’d had to Insta-hot units that both failed within 6 months.

I’m going to get another Ready Hot for my new house.

Dave P., Joneca Customer

Thank you for your excellent customer service and prompt replacement. I had read about your excellent service, and that is why last summer I purchased a second Titan Disposer for a second home. You have definitely lived up to your reputation.

Herschel, Joneca Customer

First, I want to say “thank you, ” for your prompt, efficient, and courteous service.   It seems that in today’s world customer service has become somewhat impersonal, and frustrating, but I am completely thrilled with your responses and attention to detail.   It is certainly a pleasure to deal with folks who deliver what they promise, and do so in such a positive manner.   Both you, and your company get nothing but the highest marks.

Bob, Joneca Customer

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