Disposer Cleaner FAQ’s

Disposer Cleaner FAQ’s2020-10-16T22:44:03+00:00

Mr. Scrappy®

Disposer Care Cleans!

I have a twin sink and the foam is seeping out of the non-disposer side, is that normal?2020-10-09T15:54:33+00:00

Yes! Disposer Care® is designed to clean the entire disposer unit including the non-disposer-side sink.

Why did I not hear a “swish” of water when using Disposer Care®?2020-10-09T15:54:33+00:00

If the sound is not heard, don’t panic, it doesn’t mean that Disposer Care® didn’t work. The issue may have been with your stream of water. If the flow going into the drain is too strong, the sound will be consumed by the water flow. Regardless, as the foam wells up, it is doing the job of cleaning the sidewalls and splashguard that cause the odors.

Why does my garbage disposer still smell after using Disposer Care®?2020-10-09T15:54:32+00:00

Excessive build-up in the disposer may require additional uses of Disposer Care®. One recommendation we make is to run a stream of hot water into the disposer for a couple more minutes before using Disposer Care® to break up the excessive waste. However, never use hot water alone as it may melt the build-up that may re-solidify in your pipes as it is flushed from the disposer.

You should never pour grease or other thick liquids down the drain because they can solidify and cause further blockage to you drains and pipes, in addition to causing a stench.

I used Disposer Care® but never saw blue foam, did I do something wrong?2020-10-09T15:54:32+00:00

This issue may have happened for a number of reasons, to properly use Disposer Care® please ensure the following steps are applied:

  • The disposer is turned off and all remaining food waste is flushed out with water
  • When lessening the water stream, make sure the flow is not too strong. By rule of thumb, we say stream should be the width of a pencil.
  • The water temperature must be HOT.
  • Water should continue to run (at a pencil-width stream) while disposer is running and throughout the entire process.
  • Do not sever the package before using. It is biodegradable and will decompose in the disposer.
  • If the inner content is hardened together, knead the packet with your fingers to break it up.
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