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written by Monique Coutu On 7 January 2015 Reply

I love the new hot water dispenser except for the fact that it starts to spew hot water on it’s own without warning. It’s a real safey issue. Any suggestions on how to correcct this problem??

written by joneca On 20 January 2015 Reply

Try lowering the temperature knob. If the problem persist please call customer service 1-888-856-6322.

written by Hope Schneider On 1 April 2015 Reply

Hello, I just replaced my existing instant hot/filtered water system with the ready hot unit. My last system required a filter. I see that this one does not but since I already have one , can you please recommend a type of filter for this particular unit.
Thank you,

written by joneca On 7 April 2015 Reply

Hello Hope,
Your Ready Hot System is filter ready! There is a pre-filter that can be installed on the incoming lines to the Ready Hot tank that is not supplied with the unit but is available for purchase on our online store ( If you have an existing filtration unit that you would like to use please contact our customer service department at and we will be able to help you further.

written by SIMON On 10 May 2015 Reply

I saw a version of the tap with two leavers one for hot, one for cold. How to I obtain this version?

Thank you.

written by joneca On 13 May 2015 Reply

Hello Simon,

We offer Hot & Cold Faucets at
These are open air faucets made for Ready Hot• tanks. Please contact us if you have a Hot Water Tank that is not a Ready Hot• to make sure our faucets are compatible.

Thank You!

written by Karen On 3 June 2015 Reply


We just installed the RH-200. We were wondering if it is possible to replace the tube from the heater to the faucet with copper tubing. Do you support the connectors or have a kit that would allow this modification?

Thank you,


written by joneca On 5 June 2015 Reply

Hello Karen,

We do not recommend replacing the silicon tubing with copper. Doing so may void your warranty. However, if you would like to contact us directly at, we may be able to help you determine options and explain the issues with copper in more detail.

Thank you!

written by Karen On 6 June 2015 Reply

Thank you for your quick response. I’ve done a little more research on silicon tubing and am satisfied it is a good current solution.

Appreciate this open question system!

written by Steve On 7 June 2015 Reply

I’m interested in one of the hot cold water units such as the one shown here.

Are there replacements parts ( valve cartridges) for the faucet? Chicago has higher than average calcium in water and tends to need service after a couple years.


written by joneca On 24 June 2015 Reply

We do not sell replacement parts for faucets because the design is intricate and not easily reassembled. We would suggest looking into whole home water softeners to help with calcium buildup. If you are interested in one of our Ready Hot units and have additional questions please write us at

Thank you!

written by Peter On 10 June 2015 Reply


I am interested in your product. However, we would like to hook it up to a third party faucet. Is there an adaptor that you make so we don’t have to use the faucet that comes with your system.


written by joneca On 24 June 2015 Reply

If the third party faucet is an “Open Vent” faucet it is technically compatible. However, we can not guarantee that your faucet includes all the necessary tubing, etc. Feel free to email us at if you need more information.

Thank you!

written by Charissa On 24 June 2015 Reply


Are your faucet compatible with RO filtered water? (e.g. does the water touch any metal?)


written by joneca On 24 June 2015 Reply

Hello Charissa,

Our faucet the (RH-F560-BN) is an open vent faucet and designed to be installed with a hot water dispenser. If you have also installed a RO system, then yes, the faucet is compatible. If you wish to install the RH-F560-BN with a RO system only, then the faucet is not designed for this application. We confirm all of our metal faucets are lead compliant and will be in contact with water.

Thank you!

Please email us or call us if you have more questions.

written by Eugene On 2 July 2015 Reply


I got the faucet and the hot water tank. How do you connect the white tube to your water line? Any specific connection I need to buy, other than a splitter?


written by joneca On 2 July 2015 Reply

Hello Eugene,

The white tube can be connected to the water line with a “compression fitting” or “quick connector”. Compression fittings vary in size (ie. 1/4″ X 1/4″, 3/8″X 1/4″) depending on your water supply line, but are available at a local hardware store.

Feel free to contact us directly if you should have further questions.

Thank you.

written by Mike Keller On 7 February 2016 Reply

Can you tell me the hole size require in the counter top for the duel (hot/cold) Faucet? Replacing another system in an existing granite counter top


written by joneca On 8 February 2016 Reply

DRILL 1 3⁄8” (35MM )hole for faucet on counter top.

written by Samantha On 9 March 2016 Reply

I have 2 of these tanks in my food truck and love them! One has just started leaking from the handle (single handle) where it connects to the faucet. I have tried tightening it and that helped with the spraying that it was doing, but it is still dripping badly. This is only happening to one of my taps and I have been using it with no problems for a year. How can I fix this?

written by joneca On 9 March 2016 Reply

Thank you for your comment Samantha.

Please contact our customer service department at 1-888-856-6322 or for help.

Thank you.

written by Samantha On 9 March 2016 Reply

I filled out the form on your website. If this doesn’t get sent to the right place, please forward it. Thanks.

written by Jo Ann Walter On 20 April 2016 Reply

We cannot get the white tubing onto the supply inlet on the tank. The tube is too small to fit over the inlet. Every thing else went quickly and easily. We tried warming the tube with a hair dryer and warm water, but the tube will not expand enough to fit overy the inlet.Model#RH-200-SS.

Thank you for your reply.

written by joneca On 20 April 2016 Reply

Dear Jo Ann,

We regret hearing of the issue you have experienced.

Please refer to page 6 in your users manual. There is a 1/4″ Quick connect included in the Faucet package. The Quick connect – connects the inlet tube to white tube.

We will be happy to further assist you with this issue and believe we will be more productive in speaking to you by phone. We ask that please contact us at our toll free phone number 1-888-856-6322 to troubleshoot this issue. Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00PM. We are closed during the lunch hour from 12:00 – 1:00 PM PST.

Thank you.

written by David On 6 May 2016 Reply

It says to mount the tank 10mm away from the wall. How do I do this? Do I need to use metal spacers or is the spacing already built into the tank?

written by joneca On 9 May 2016 Reply

Dear David,

We confirm the installation of this unit does not require the tank to be mounted as it can be sat on the base of your cabinet. In the case that you wish to mount your tank, we ask that you allow 4-6 inches of air space around the entire unit for air circulation.

Thank you.

written by ROBERT SLAUGHTER On 25 June 2016 Reply

Installed tank…connected and water flowing and heated. But the on off valve doeant work. It just flows continuously. Almost like there is no rubber gasket inside valve. Is there a troubleshoot faq for this?

written by Jaimie Chen On 27 October 2016 Reply

We have Ready Hot RH-F560-BN Dual Lever and tank installed last summer. The faucet hot water handle started dripping from the handle few months ago. The dripping situation gets little worse over time.
Do you have parts or instruction that I can get replace and fix them easy. Thanks

written by joneca On 27 October 2016 Reply


Please call us at 888-856-6322 or email us at for help.

Thank you.

written by Andrea Barnes On 2 January 2017 Reply

How can I get filtered water through my instant hot dispenser? I dont like using water straight from the tap

written by joneca On 3 January 2017 Reply

Dear Andrea,

You can install a water filter on your water supply line. Here is our filter for the Ready Hot System.

If you have any installation questions please call us directly. 888-856-6322

written by Dolly On 15 January 2017 Reply

I have installed which is leaking from the bottom of the tank.
If you lift it up it leaks like a pipe from the bottom of the tank and no water is coming from the tap

written by joneca On 18 January 2017 Reply

Please call for help. 1-888-856-6322

written by Janet Ross-Kerr On 7 May 2017 Reply

Can you tell me what material is used to line the tank? Stainless steel?

written by joneca On 8 May 2017 Reply

The inner casing is stainless steel. Any further questions please call 1-888-856-6322.
Thank you.

written by Magdalena On 18 August 2017 Reply

Hi, I have a waste king quick and hot tank. I was looking on amazon for a hot/cold faucet and I like one of yours. Are your faucets compatible with the waste king tanks?

written by joneca On 18 August 2017 Reply


We appreciate your interest in our Ready Hot Dual lever faucet. We are happy to confirm that our faucet is compatible with your Quick and Hot hot water tank.

Thank you.

written by Sarah On 23 October 2017 Reply

what is the minimum hole size on counter for install of Ready Hot 200ss? Also, how does one connect a filter to it?

written by joneca On 24 October 2017 Reply

Minimum hole size is 1.4″ or 35mm. Someone will contact you.

written by maryann On 13 November 2017 Reply

Can I hook up my insinkerator filter system to your hot water dispenser?
Thank You,

written by joneca On 13 November 2017 Reply

However, since we do not exactly what filter system you have, that answer is with reservation. Contact us directly and speak to a customer service representative to be certain.

written by Garry On 14 February 2018 Reply

Hi… I’m installing new quartz counter tops which have arrived and are being installed. We have order your H20 Ready Hot through Costco and it is being delivered. The installer wants to know what size of hole to drill in the counter so the pipe can come through to the facet. What size hole she he drill?? Thanks Garry

written by joneca On 14 February 2018 Reply

Drill 1 3/8 ” ( 35mm) Hole for Faucet installation

written by DK On 21 February 2018 Reply

Is the Ready Hot Dual lever faucet lead free?

written by joneca On 22 February 2018 Reply

Yes…it is absolutely lead free.

written by Charrisa On 14 March 2018 Reply

Hi, I just received my Ready Hot water dispenser and I wanted to know am I suppose to unscrew the nut on the faucet end and put the 1/4 tube on the pointy end and screw the nut back on? I did this and I just wanted to make sure that’s the correct way to install it. I know where everything else go, but I wanted to make sure I was doing that part of the faucet end correctly.

written by joneca On 14 March 2018 Reply

We confirm your understanding of the installation on the faucet is correct. Thank you for your recent purchase of the Ready Hot Instant Hot water Dispenser.

written by Charrisa On 17 March 2018 Reply

Thanks for responding….one more thing, if the Ready Hot Water tank fails (no longer works) can you still use the cold water side of the faucet?

written by joneca On 19 March 2018 Reply

In the case that an issue arise with your ready hot tank, the cold lever will still continue produce water from the incoming water source as this line does not travel into the hot water tank.

written by Chuck Jacobi On 7 June 2018 Reply

Can you explain why model # RH-100-560 with 780W heating makes the same amount and temperature as the # RH-200-560 using 1300W?

190°F / 60 cups / hour

written by joneca On 7 June 2018 Reply

Dear Chuck,

The RH-100 adjusts to 190°, the RH-200 to 200°, and the RH-300-SS to 208°.
If you are asking why there is not a “dramatic” change in temperature range, our technical team may be able to offer you some help by writing to or calling by 1-888-856-6322.

Thank you.

written by Deb On 8 November 2018 Reply

Hello, do I have to use the connector/reducer adapter? Or can I just slide the slicone hose on ther center connection and clamps it down?

written by joneca On 9 November 2018 Reply

Due to the high heat passing through this connection, we ask that you use the adapter. Connecting the silicone tube directly into the tank can affect its performance over time.
Thank you.

written by Anand On 3 December 2018 Reply

Does 41-RH-200-F560-BN use microwave to heat the water or regular heating coils ?

written by joneca On 18 December 2018 Reply

Heated stainless steel coils.

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