The Beginning

The third largest food waste disposer producer in the USA started as an international marketing company pioneering and distributing disposers to over 50 different countries, beginning with Japan.

The origin of Joneca Company, LLC began in 1985 in Anaheim, California as it initially pioneered disposers in the Land of the Rising Sun and soon into all of Asia and the Pacific Rim followed by setting up offices in Europe and South America. Marketing initially in Japan was very fortuitous for Joneca as they became acquainted with the Japanese requirement for quiet appliances. When Joneca developed, in 2005, its own dedicated disposer factory to enter the USA market, they knew the two biggest complaints for disposers were noise level and failure due to corrosion.


Joneca knew that entering the ultra-competitive USA disposer market meant it had to offer more than lower prices; it needed features and innovations that separated the Joneca disposers from those already well established in the USA marketplace.

These innovations include the Torque Master® Balanced Grinding System and the Hush-Tek® Sound Suppression technologies. These two features allow the various brands of Joneca Disposers to operate extremely quiet. The Torque Master® grinding system also includes all stainless-steel grinding components in all models which allows us to be the only disposer producer to offer Lifetime Warranty Against Corrosion Failure on all Joneca models.

Another innovation Joneca introduced into the USA market was the Bio Shield® Antimicrobial feature that is embedded in all wetted composite material helping to eliminate bacteria growth within the disposer and thereby help eliminating odor.

The patented Silver Guard® Magnetic System helps prevent metal objects from falling into and damaging the disposer.

Joneca’s newest innovation is the Freedom Disposer which allows the consumer to insert the food waste into the disposer, press the start switch turning on the water and the disposer together. After the food waste is ground and washed down the drain, both the water and the disposers then turn off automatically.


The world class quality of the Joneca Disposers allows the company to offer the highest overall warranties of any disposer producer in the market from the ⅓ HP all the way to their 1¼ HP Disposer, the most powerful residential disposer available in the market.

Joneca backs warranties with over 35 years of excellent customer service, supported by its team of well trained and experienced customer service representatives.

Branding and Distribution

While these features helped Joneca establish a toehold into the USA market with the Waste Maid brand first created in Europe, it is their use of national brands, such as American Standard, Westinghouse, and others that helped elevate this company to the third position in disposer production. Private label brands for major big box stores, major kitchen sink and faucet companies as well as one of the largest appliance makers helped contribute to its market penetration and growing market share.


Another major factor to its growth is that all brands of the Joneca disposers are compatible with the 3-bolt mount system used by the two other major brands so our disposer can readily and easily change-out already installed disposers quickly and easily.

Unique in the Market Place

Joneca’ s market share growth has been fueled, in part, because it is currently not number one or two in the USA disposer market. Joneca’ s number one competitor is ubiquitous in all the big box DIY stores, distributors to the professional market, and all the other markets that offer disposers. As such, those dealers and distributors in these markets must compete with the big box chains who purchase disposers in great volumes directly from the manufacturer. Our program offers these dealers and distributors a way to make proper profit on their disposer business: competitively priced, high quality, disposers with unique features and solid national brand names or their own private label provided by Joneca.

Hot Water Dispensers

While disposers have fueled Joneca’ s growth in the USA market, it has also become a leader with its line of Ready Hot® and American Standard brand of instant hot water dispensers. These helpful appliances situated within the kitchen sink provides instant near boiling water to easily make instant coffee, tea, chocolate, soups, ramen, paste al dente etc. It is also useful to help sanitize baby bottles and has many other uses. No more waiting for boiling water from the stove or microwave.

Ownership and Expansion

With the addition of Lightspring Capital Partners of Chicago, Joneca Company, LLC is now poised for its next stage of expansion. Included in this expansion will be more innovation with disposers, hot water dispensers, unique kitchen faucets, and sanitizing appliances for residential use incorporating established industrial sanitation technology.

Message from founder and President Edward E. Chavez:

We provide our customers with Quality Service, Quality Products, and Quality Marketing Leadership. Our priority is to provide our customers with efficient and prompt service while being attentive to our customer’s individual needs.

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