Color Sink Flanges


Complete Your Custom Look

Complete the look you want with a custom sink flange and stopper set. With five modern colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect complement to your sink and kitchen. Fits all Commodore,Titan, and WasteMaid disposer models.

  • Biscuit
  • White
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Black

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10 Responses to “Color Sink Flanges”

written by Gayle Schrum On 20 January 2015 Reply

Should the sink flange and disposal flange match the faucet or the sink?

written by joneca On 21 January 2015 Reply

Our standard Disposer flange color is Chrome. It depends on the individuals taste if they want the flanges to match exactly with the sink; for example a Stainless Steel Sink or a White Porcelain sink. We have a wide selection of custom color sink flange and stopper sets and strainers that you can match to either your sink or faucet fixtures if desired. Give us a call at 1-888-856-6322 if you have any further questions.

written by brian neeley On 20 May 2015 Reply

I recently bought Mr. Scrappy CSFS-SN-93 Custom Color Sink Flange and Stopper Set, Satin Nickel on amazon and really like the look. Would like the sink strainer basket in satin nickel as well but can’t seem to find one. Do you make one?


written by joneca On 26 May 2015 Reply

We thank you for your recent purchase of our Mr. Scrappy Custom Sink Flange and Stopper set in Satin Nickel. We regret we have discontinued the Satin Nickel Strainer basket as we have found the finish is very similar to our Brushed Nickel finish. We recommend ordering the Mr. Scrappy Custom Strainer Basket in a Brushed Nickel finish through our website directly at the link provided below. We are confident you will see these colors match. If you are not satisfied with the strainer basket you can return it to us with no restocking fee.

Thank you!

written by Ellen On 8 January 2016 Reply

Have you had problems with the white finish chipping off the flange? I have had that happen to 2 Newport brass ones. Thank you

written by joneca On 11 January 2016 Reply

Our customer service has not reported chipping issues with our White sink flanges.

Thank you.

written by Debby On 31 October 2017 Reply

I have a Rohl porcelain sink with an oil rubbed bronze flange.
What type of cleaner can I use in my sink so I won’t damage
the oil rubbed bronze finish? This is my 2nd replacement of
my flange b/c of my use of Soft Scrub and other cleaners that
CLAIM to be gentle?

written by joneca On 31 October 2017 Reply

Care and Cleaning Instructions for your Custom Sink Flange

• Do not use harsh alkali or acid based detergents, abrasive polishes or scouring cleansers. Also, do not use any S.O.S. or Scotch Brite Pads. These are scouring tools and will scratch chrome as well as your custom color sink flange.
• Do not leave coffee or vinegar on the bottom of the sink basin.
• To clean, just wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap. Dry with a soft cloth. If necessary, regular Windex can be used.

written by Dave McEvoy On 5 November 2017 Reply

Do you make a deeper sink flange? I bought a Titan D-75 disposal and the threads on the flange aren’t deep enough to fit on my Shaws Original sink.

written by joneca On 6 November 2017 Reply

You can find an extended sink flange here, sold in Chrome only.

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