Suggested Usage

BABY ITEMS – Feeding bottles, fabric dolls, plastic toys, play areas, walkers, car seats.

PET ITEMS – Cushions, pet toilet pads, dog or cat beds, plastic or plush toys.

PERSONAL ITEMS – Coats, laptops, belts, gym bags, mouse pads, car keys, bottom of shoes.

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS – Washing machine, appliances, sofa, kitchen, bathroom, door knobs.

Use electrolyzed water on dry cloths to create your own sanitizing wipes while on the go.

Pour some electrolyzed water into a small (2 oz.) spray bottle for portability and convenience. Use it to sanitize surfaces on-the-go such as, your hands, restaurant tables, shopping carts, door handles, cell phones, etc. Once the electrolyzed water is created, its sanitation power remains for up to 3 days.