Happy Mother's Day Savings - Ready Hot® Hot Water Dispenser Sale

Our Ready Hot®  hot water dispenser simplifies life in the kitchen in so many ways…

  • Thaw frozen vegetables
  • Warm a baby bottle
  • Clean greasy pots and pans
  • Get a jump-start on boiling noodles
  • Clean the counter
  • Open a tight jar
  • Get stains out of tablecloths
  • Help remove labels from bottles
  • Make instant coffee
  • Shrink-wrap Easter eggs

  • Wash vegetables
  • Make cappuccino
  • Clean your toothbrush
  • Clean out bread maker
  • Get a head start to boil eggs
  • Loosen top of honey container
  • Get a head start to boil bratwurst
  • Get wax off of candle sticks
  • Hydrate dried foods
  • Make hot chocolate

$199 for the RH-200 with Faucet with Coupon Code "HotGift"

Use Coupon Code “HOTGIFT”
to get our $469 RH-200 model with Chrome Faucet (model 41-RH-200-F570-CH) for only $199. Exp. 5/19/19

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