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written by Robert Ellis On 18 December 2014 Reply

I need a splash guard for a T 960 do you have a part number or replacement part available

written by joneca On 24 December 2014 Reply

You can buy a splashguard replacement here:

written by DM On 12 May 2015 Reply

We have a Titan T1060 disposal unit in need of a new noise baffler, 3 1/8″ outer circumference. Where can I buy a replacement? Thank you.

written by joneca On 13 May 2015 Reply

Hello DM,

We are not sure what you mean by a “noise baffler”, but if you are referring to a removable splashguard, please visit our online store All Disposer parts sold there will fit your Titan.

If you have any other questions please email us at

Thank You!

written by phyllis mcmahon On 11 August 2015 Reply

I purchased a Mr. Scrappy after my old one wore out. I could not get rings on even after following all your directions; brought it back to the store, he finally managed to get only one ring on, but that’s all.

written by joneca On 11 August 2015 Reply


We regret hearing of the issue you have experienced with our Mr. Scrappy Disposer Tool, we assure you this is not a common issue. We will be happy to further assist you with this issue and believe we will be more productive by speaking with you by phone. We ask that you please contact us at the toll free phone number listed below to troubleshoot this issue.

Our business hours are Monday- Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We are closed during the lunch hour from 12:00 – 1:00 PM PST.

Thank you!

written by ben plunk On 18 September 2015 Reply

what is the insertion depth of the uv-c air sanitizer?

written by joneca On 21 September 2015 Reply


The standard UV-C lamp is 17″ long and you should allow 18″ for installation. For smaller spaces we also sell a 12″ lamp and the duct size should be at least 13″.

Please call us if this did not answer you question.

Thank You!

written by Chris On 24 November 2016 Reply

I am trying to adapt a Titan T-1060 to a Kraus (Square sink hole) adaptor. the ring does not fit. Help!

written by joneca On 28 November 2016 Reply

We regret we do not presently carry adapters to fit a square sink installation.

written by Ed On 22 January 2018 Reply

Hello do you have an extended sink flange for the eco-logic garburator?

written by joneca On 22 January 2018 Reply
written by Scott Wacker On 21 November 2018 Reply

Hello. I have a T-1060 and my contractor lost the screws for the outlet. Can you tell me the dimensions of the screws? I can not find them on the replacement part website.

Thank you!

written by joneca On 27 November 2018 Reply

Hi Scott,
We regret hearing of your experience with the screws for your outlet elbow on your Food Waste disposer. We regret these screws are not sold separately and are currently not available at retail. We recommend purchasing the full outlet elbow assembly available through our website directly.
Thank you.

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